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Resume Assesment

Over 95% job seekers don't have the right resume. That's why they're being rejected in the first place. We carefully assess your resume and reform it according to employer's standards. This is the key!

Job Platforms

Do you know not all Job postings are genuine? There are hundreds of platforms to apply on but a few of them are legit. We'll train you on how to target only genuine job postings. We'll do provide a list of top job boards to apply.

Cover Letter

You can't present everything about you in Resume. That's why we have cover letter to explain your professional career in brief. Most people make it less effective by formatting it incorrectly and get rejected. We'll reform your CV to be concise.

Interview Preparation

The final round of your job seeking journey is an Interview. Your way of interaction with the employer is a significant factor. We'll teach you some simple but crucial things to keep in mind while sitting in-front of an interviewer.

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